Friday, June 06, 2008

Another day, more fun!

Well today marks an end to my first week in Madrid, and since I’m only here for 3 more days I won’t be seeing a second week. Kinda of annoying since I was just starting to get used to Madrid and the group there. But anyway it has been quite fun, now today I made a presentation about the work I do. Well I had one hour, and guess what with only 30 slides I finished the whole hour! Hoory for me, well frankly that not much of an exploit, I did a 1h30 presentation with only 25 slides once but it normally not when talking about my project and mostly no feedback from the audience. Even more strange, Spanish student apparently are taught not to ask question directly during or after a presentation. So the only questions where from one of the teacher there, luckily these were very good question, question I’m very happy to have had now instead of at my thesis defense. Well mostly because I’m now pretty sure I’ll get one of those questions at my defense and now I can find that answer. Aside from that well I will probably go to Madrid tomorrow again, see some sights and stuff. Oh and I’m very happy that the mosquitos in my room hate the A/C so turning it on reduce the amount of sting I receive! Oh and watch the PSA from the previous post it’s hilarious.. if you’re a D&D geek.

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