Thursday, June 05, 2008

An Anecdote

Well first the anecdote, I was ordering food this afternoon and the waiter ask me a question, fast like Spanish are usually talking and with a tick accent. I don’t understand it, I try to understand the cafeteria is pack, then a girl tries to help the waiter with her broken English. She said it’s a sandwich with tease and ham, ok, ham I understand but what is tease? So the situation is getting a little comical with the girl asking her friends tease, you know tease without any success. Finally a guy steps in and “translate” the girl’s accent… She meant cheese! Funny no? and the whole thing was simply to confirm my order, apparently the fact that I selected, paid and took a meal ticket with what I wanted on it is not enough to confirm that what I ordered is what I ordered. In the moment I felt pretty embarrassed and even a little lost but looking back it must have been a very comical situation. I’m sure that if my life had a laugh track it would have been running all along.

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