Sunday, June 15, 2008

Amsterdam, one day, one walk, one tired asaathi

So it’s my second day in Amsterdam and like the first I’ve been exploring the city. A long long long walk around the city, around 9 hours of walk to be exact. I’ve seen a lot of Amsterdam and I now know where most of the tourist attraction are, and some of the prohibitive cost of their visit. I even saw the Red light district, much smaller then what I have expected. It’s at most a rectangle of 4 by 4 street, but there is a lot of red light windows with prostitutes for most (or all) taste. Personally I found only a few of the prostitute to be physically attractive and even then, well the idea of a mechanic sex act is not at all what I want. And I must say that the sollicitating in underwear in their window is just a turn off. Also the area is just weird, you get those hard sex show and theater, with the prostitute in windows right next to small family restaurant and shops. I’ll probably take a guided tour of it latter just to understand the thing. Also, having walked for like 9 hours I’m quite tired I’ll leave you on that. Oh, yeah, sorry I also remove my statement that Amsterdam is expensive, you just have to find the right restaurant.

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