Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I’ve said for a while that I’m very worried by Russia’s actions in the world. First there was the start of a new nuclear attack submarine program, then flyby with nuclear bombers of NATO’s bases and now, Russia is threatening Ukraine that it will become a target should it joint the US missile shield project. Now I don’t know about you but if someone tells me, if you try to protect yourself from me I’ll hit you I tend to regard that person as dangerous. I’d even say a little crazy even more so when we are talking about nuclear weapons and not just punch and kick.

While I am not advocating any sort of threat against Russia, or any measure, I’d advice the world to watch it carefully. While it does not have the military power it had at the height of it’s power it is still one of the world largest military and it own more nuclear weapon then anyone else. Not to mention that unlike the US it as plenty of neighbor country it could invade while the opposition mobilizes it could have conquered a large fraction of Europe and Asia. Such a scenario is very unlikely, but still Russia is acting like a bully looking for a fight and that is worrisome.

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