Friday, February 29, 2008

Oh my god please think of the children!

Children preacher... I don't know if I should be amused or scared but I do know that this is wrong. I've heard of parent living their fantasyh through their child and that looks just like it.. in a perverted, twisted kind of way.

Their are three other parts that you can watch here.

More good news for diabetics!

Wow, regenerating the cells that produce insuline now that is a great news, an amazing treatement option if the result we found on mouse are reproduced in human. Science is wonderfull no?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


This is the kind of thing we need more of, comprehensive, adaptable, fun knowledge ressources.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Identity theft break-in

Now this is scary, needing so little information to get someone to unlock a door for you. Guess it shows that you should try to keep your identity information secret. Oh yeah, that is also true on Facebook, be carefull about who you invite as your friend and who you message, they can see your profile for 1 month.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I’ve said for a while that I’m very worried by Russia’s actions in the world. First there was the start of a new nuclear attack submarine program, then flyby with nuclear bombers of NATO’s bases and now, Russia is threatening Ukraine that it will become a target should it joint the US missile shield project. Now I don’t know about you but if someone tells me, if you try to protect yourself from me I’ll hit you I tend to regard that person as dangerous. I’d even say a little crazy even more so when we are talking about nuclear weapons and not just punch and kick.

While I am not advocating any sort of threat against Russia, or any measure, I’d advice the world to watch it carefully. While it does not have the military power it had at the height of it’s power it is still one of the world largest military and it own more nuclear weapon then anyone else. Not to mention that unlike the US it as plenty of neighbor country it could invade while the opposition mobilizes it could have conquered a large fraction of Europe and Asia. Such a scenario is very unlikely, but still Russia is acting like a bully looking for a fight and that is worrisome.

Great news for diabetics

Research is still trying to find a cure for diabetes, luckily it is making progress and thanks to a Canadian discovery we might be closer to a cure then ever. It was found that you can transplant pancreatic cells from a healthy (non-diabetic) patient into the liver of your diabetic patient and those cells will produce insulin. This as apparently removed the need from daily insulin injection in some patient and it as severely reduced the risk of hypoglycemia in all patients. Of course, there is a cloud in this blue sky, under that treatment, patient must taken immunosuppressant to prevent, his body from rejecting the pancreatic cells, he will probably needs to have multiple cell transplant to keep the benefits. This technique probably opens the way to other advancement, such as creating artificial cells to replace the transplanted one, or extracting cell from the diabetic’s body, changing their nuclei’s (with non-diabetic one), cloning the new cells to put them back in the patient body. There is a lot of potential in this and it might lead to a new treatment and perhaps as we understand more and more of the genetic base behind the disease a cure.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

British law to include Sharia.

As an atheist and someone that feel strongly about the separation of church and state, I find news telling me that the inclusion of religious laws in public law worrisome. While I understand the argument made by Dr William that it is a cultural thing and would serve to help the Muslim immigrant to integrate into the country, I fear that it is a dangerous precedent. Remember that British law is based on a system of precedent and allowing part of a religious text to be used at law for one thing set the possibility to argue that another part could be used. Pretty sound you find that your old law system, as been mostly replace by the religious law and you are a theocracy. Now I don’t think such a problem is likely in America since we have a strong laic influence in our law system. However if Britain was to adopt it, it might become an argument to adopt it in Canada. Not to mention that if Britain was to become a theocracy it might be a prelude to a holy crusade with one of the world major military power as its instigator, not a though I like to contemplate.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Atheist sect...

Well here is what you have to do to become an Atheist and what you loose once you do. The clip is from a silent movie by Cecille B. Demille called: “The Godless Girl”

Just how sturdy is life?

We very often talk about the fragility of life, how humanity must be careful less it destroy life on earth. Well, apparently life could much more sturdy that we gave it credit for. And when I say much more sturdy I mean in the senses of surviving the death of a star kind of sturdy, you know just about undestroyable level of sturdiness here. You see in a new that is very interesting for the search of life in the universe scientist have detected organic molecules in the starburst galaxy Arp 220. Now of course organic molecules are not proof of life but if organic molecule that we considered very fragile can exist in a starburst environment well other more advanced molecules or life itself can probably survive.

To give you an idea of what kind of condition exists in a starburst galaxy, imagine a place where a new star is born every month, a star bigger then our sun. In that place the “emptiness” of space is a burning hot 10 000 K, the quantity of light is strong enough to blow use gas cloud away over billions of km. The stars are so close together that if a planet could exist there (at 10 000 K most planet will evaporate) it will exist in a permanent day with no shadows. So think of it, if life could appear there or close to those condition how strong and resilient life must be.

Of course that is not a reason to stop valuing our life and the life on our planet, but still it means life is amazing. The universe might yet be filled with life and exploring the stars to search for other with whom we can related is such a high goal that humanity should not pass it by.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's the harm?

When I go and tell people that some beliefs they have are false. I sometimes get the well what the harm? Its all harmless belief and we can believe anything we want. Well I’ve been shown to a web site that might change that answer, it is appropriately called: what the harm. Its shows the harms that have been done in the past by those harmless beliefs, the death toll is quite impressive. I’m not saying everyone should abandon every irrational belief but maybe we should reconsider them in new light.

Monday, February 04, 2008

You do not understand...

Once again the people of Quebec City were told that we did not understand how things work and that we are a bunch of uncultured moron. This time however it did not come from a politician but from an artist, the artist that build the Quebec’s 400 celebration opening show. A show that was decried in Quebec as been unrepresentative of the city, confusing, badly built and disappointing, it was also described as such in English Canada by other media and if you look at the world coverage of the New Year did not put Quebec’s celebration on international media like it was supposed to. Not to mention that they did the countdown to the New Year a good minutes into the New Year! But not, even with all the flaws that seems to be found by everyone but him it is us in Quebec city that do not understand, we cannot see good talent it seems and we should be ashamed of having ask for something great when we paid around 3 million $ for a show.

This seems to be a common answer in Quebec when someone opinion diverges from your own: he does not understand. After all it is clear that there is only one possible conclusion to every situation and if you do not find that holy conclusion you must not understand the situation right?

Well, I think I will ask you something, instead of telling me that I do not understand why don’t you try to explain the situation to me and try to listen to why I came to my conclusion or opinion. Chances are it won’t be because I heard it was a good idea on the radio and I might have made a bigger analysis then you think. So why don’t you stop saying that I don’t understand and I will not start thinking that you are a moron who’s opinion isn’t strong enough to be defended. Thank you.

Friday, February 01, 2008

War against Atheism?

I often hear about the war against religion from fundamentalist of all species, yet it is an atheist group that gets canceled from MySpace not any religious one. Would it be that religious fanatic would like us to believe they are attacked to stand on the moral high ground when they strike back? A sort of preemptive strike without the negative press since it is not a preemptive strike they were under attack first right?