Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You hit for how much??

Monday I had my weekly D&D games and I saw for first time the terror that is a Half-Orc Barbarian. One of my player took over another player’s character, an half-orc barbarian wielding a mercurial greatsword. Now, mercurial greatsword are not that good of a weapon, except for its critical hit multiplier of x4. So we got to see monday just how bad a critical hit with this weapon can be. Let me explain, a CR 3 monster usually has something around 20 hit points with the high end CR 5 monsters having around 50-60 hp. So knowing that and that my party is a 3rd level one you can imagine the effect à 75 damage critical hit would have.

Unfortunately for my player it was against an illusion but still everyone around the table just went kind of silent and looked at the guy with a “You hit for how much?” face. Luckily for my monster the player had already chosen to retire this character by the end of the session, he wanted to play a character he had built himself. Still it was a impressive moment in the game.

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