Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A song life form

This morning I read a short story on the web site 365 tomorrows (the story is called Off Key), it is about a Xenobiologist that gets a new mpX player implant and discover that the song she is hearing is actually a life form. This got me thinking: Is there a way to sees songs as life form? Well to be a life form, if we use the broadest definition of life form possible, one needs two thing: to be able to grow and reproduce.

So let us examine that theoretically song life form, first the reproduction part is quite easy, any time someone or something replicate the song we could claim to have seen reproduction, with error being mutation in the nature of the song. While it isn’t really a true reproduction since it involves an outside mechanism, it fits with the virus reproduction process, which is arguably a life form. So we have a song that could reproduce itself through the intervention of human or computer (give a new meaning to having a song stuck in your head…)

Now the growth part is harder, because a song doesn’t really grow, does it? Well one could imagine the song incorporating ambient sound to “grow” beyond it original form. It could also grow from human intervention by adding a new harmonic track to the song for example. Or if the acoustic of the room where the song was played where specifically designed we could see a resonance like phenomenon and see an increase in the song intensity, i.e a growth.

Now, I don’t think that song are life form, but there could maybe exist in the universe a life form that is constituted only of sound that grows and mutate thanks to its interaction with his ecosystem and other life form. It might event develop means of communicating thanks to modulation of itself. It might also mutate to sound better to species more likely to sing it, with slight modification of the song having evolutionary advantage over song that sound “worse” to the hear of the host species.

Aren’t the possibility dreamt of by the human mind startling? Imagining life form so unlike anything we know for the sake of a good story. Its amazing don’t you think?

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