Friday, January 18, 2008

The pope isn’t coming Quebec’s 400 anniversary celebration

So fracking what?

No seriously so what? While I admit that Catholicism as been a big part of Quebec City history the absence of it current representative doesn’t subtract from the event. Seriously if you consider that the Queen of England (and for that matter Canada) will not make an appearance I’m thinking Pope Palpatine absence is a minor detail. While it could be argued that Catholicism has had a bigger impact on Quebec City then the England, I would like the remind everyone that the fate of la Nouvelle France was determined by the English at Quebec City. Also, while Catholicism is a religion in decline in Quebec City, federalism is on the rise in the City, so I would expect that seeing the head of state from their own country would come before seeing a religious figure only part of the population adheres too.

Truly in my mind telling me that the Pope isn’t coming as about as much impact on my idea of the 400th as learning that Tom Cruise (and his scientologist cronies) won’t be making an appearance. It not important if he comes or not,, if he does we will offer him the same treatment as any other important world figure (not Tom Cruise for example).

Oh yeah another new on part of that just came to my attention this morning, there is currently a plan to ask the Pope to comes to Quebec while he visit New York in 2008 (for the 400). Seriously if he can’t come to Quebec to come to Quebec, I’m not sure I want to see him, we are not a side trip on his way around the world.

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