Friday, January 25, 2008

Not a surprise to me at least.

About a week ago l’Université Laval held a referendum to see if the student agreed to an increase in technological fees to pay for a new management software. The University asked for something close to a 300% increase to buy something that according to the student groups already exist in some faculty (Science and Engineering not to name it) and that could be expanded by student with a much smaller cash investment. Now, you probably guessed that the student voted massively against that increase (79% in fact).

So the day the result were announced, I told the very happy student that it didn’t matter in fact, the University will simply disregard the referendum and increase the fees. People told me I was wrong that they could not ignore such a large majority. Well I just received a message this morning telling me: The administration council of the university increased the technological fee by more then 200%. So forgive me if I go and say: I told you so.

Now the saga is not over, I predict that the student groups will vote for protestation (they already sent an ultimatum) that might even go up to a strike. Said protestation will result in a negotiation that will end with a 50 to 100% increase in technological fees and a reduction of some services to pay the difference. Student will then complain about the reduction in services, and Science and Engineering student will be pissed because they are once again paying for the rest of the University to have something they already had.

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