Friday, January 04, 2008

A new year starting

Welcome again dear readers, a new year is starting which I hope will be a good interesting one for everyone. My year ended on a rather sad note, someone I knew committed suicide on December 21st and was buried on the 29th. I must say that a funeral makes for strange holyday. Also, in the week between Christmas and the new years my sister was involved in a car crash, she thankfully go out of it without any injury but the car is in bad shape and considering the situation, a 360 on the highway, it could have been much worse. Finally on New years day, one of my aunt was involved in a car accident with a group of young drivers. Luckily, she does not appear to have suffered any serious injury, just some concussion that were well treated in the hospital.

Thankfully the rest of my holyday season was quite happy with a few parties, lots of Salsa and way too much work for something that should have been a vacation. Anyway I wish you all a good year and I hope to be much more active on this blog this year then I was last year. I hope to post more then 200 times this years so keep in touch and read me whenever you feel like it!


Piccolo said...

Bonne année à toi aussi! Beaucoup de santé, du bonheur, une blonde... hi,hi,hi! Plein de bonnes choses finallement! J'espère que ta soeur va bien et qu'elle n'est pas trop traumatisée!

anyflower said...

Bonne année!!! Je te souhaite une année de graduation avec succès puis une super job!