Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mud animated by lightning

I just heard today that apparently according to evolution we are just mud animated by lightning. Cool hey? Sound pretty dumb I would say… well lets look at the alternative proposed: dirt animated by the breath of an invisible man. Doesn’t sound that much intelligent either don’t you think? Should I wonder which one I would prefer to come from?

The mud theory has a cool Frankenstein vibe, you know as if life was some kind of misunderstood monstrous thing brought forth by mad science. As in on the bank of a river, mud is slowly drying in sun, suddenly clouds cover the light and rain start to fall. Then with a flash of light like we have never seen before a bolt of lightning strikes the ground and slowly, ponderously a man-like creature raise from the mud, fully formed ready to walk the earth and become hunted for being “unnatural”. Presumably by the natural mud, and rock existing before.

Now the dirt theory as something going for it, it sound planned as if we where important. You know important enough for some form of hyper intelligent invisible man-like creature to create us. Nice but I don’t think it is as cool as the Frankenstein vibe.

Now, why am I making those jokes about Evolution and (un)Intelligent Design? Well there is a movie coming to the big screen soon, a movie called Expelled with Ben Stein. Now, this movie claims that Big Science doesn’t people to discuss idea or to challenge the Neo-Darwinian model of Evolution. Particularly not the “scientific” idea of Intelligent Design, it is scared of the “truth” in that idea. Now, just a little point, Big Science is just a way to make a link between the scientific community and the evil Big Tobacco or Big Pharma idea of the evil corporation that tries to hide the truth from the poor unsuspecting masses. Such a link doesn’t exist, science while it is not perfect and it is sometimes cold at the idea of change it, nonetheless, looks at evidence presented and the methodology of the work. If either is lacking the scientist is sent back to his drawing board to find new and/or stronger evidence or to work a different more accepted method.

Also I would like to remind the proponent of Intelligent Design that, it has been shown that all the evidence presented by Intelligent Design were based on outdated scientific data or were disprovable at least to the satisfaction of a judge.

Oh and btw, I am proud of being mud animated by lightning. Hmm someone really needs to make a bumper sticker for that, sound cool no?

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