Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I’m sure that action like this will help…

Yesterday while doing my morning blog run I came a post (I won’t link to it or to the blog since I do not want to give this guy publicity) about the past action of a French blogger. This person thinks that French is in danger in Quebec and shows what he as done in the past in reaction to example of this.

First he tells the story of how when he wanted to treat his sister, his brother-in-law’s family to a Chinese restaurant in Montreal. When he could not get services in French he made to leave but his sister who was a regular there insisted they stay. At the end of the diner he paid the 100$+ bill but left only 2 cent of tip. His sister was pissed but even if I find the guy a little cheap for leaving only a 2 cent tip, it is still his right if he feel the services was bad.

Now that story while making the guy looks cheap didn’t do much to help or hinder the existence of French in Quebec, his second story however made me cringe. He tells of how when he came back from a week in Toronto he went to a Greek restaurant in Montreal. As in the Chinese restaurant he couldn’t not get service in French but instead of leaving he proceed to order for himself and his friends (5 in all) steamed hot-dog (12) and soft drinks. When came the time to pay the bill, he and his friend ran away screaming to the owner: “Speak French!” Well, first that’s not protecting French rights, or the French language that robbery, a crime. Second, you reality the Greek owner will be motivated to learn French by such a display of maturity and understanding?

Seriously, he said this happened a few years ago, I think he would have realized his action where immature and borderline moronic, not to mention self-defeating. No, instead he brags about it on his blog and the comments support these actions. I hope that if I ever do something that moronic I would have the maturity to realize it was moronic and not go around bragging that I did it a few years later.

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People like that (and there are quite a few) give us a bad reputation. There is nothing nice to say about such behaviour. I have thoughts of castration in my head, right now, but that wouldn't be much better....