Friday, January 11, 2008

Humanity's cradle

Earth is humanity’s cradle that much has been well established by ways of metaphor for years, however we have never really establish just how old humanity was, metaphorically speaking of course. You see, if like babies one day humanity needs to leave it’s cradle to come into the world, we as humanity need to know how metaphorically old we are not to throw the metaphorical baby out with the metaphorical bath water. Enough with the philosophical word play; it was just a small introduction to one of my favorite subject. Humanity need to explore and colonizes the stars.

The basic reason is that no matter how good humanity is to the environment, to health care, to society or spiritually sooner or later the Earth is going to be gone. There is no escaping it without changing the laws of physics, and even if the ultimate deadline is in a few billion years other even could happen that would destroy the Earth outside of humanity intervention. Furthermore, it is well likely that many of the problems some people wish to see solved before we try to conquer the stars (the environment and health one for example) cannot be solved by anything other then a reduction of the number of human on Earth. And since birth control measure are usually inefficient and that the other alternative is the murder of a significant fraction of the population I do no think that will be possible.

I personally dream that one day soon the leaders of the world, or scientist or anyone with power to do something about it will announce that humankind goal for the 21st century should be to send a manned mission to our closest Stellar neighbor. I do not think it is far fetch, or even impossible just think how far we’ve came since the beginning of the last century and we should in this century aim to go even farther.

So I proclaim it, Humanity’s goal for the 21st century:

See men escape the solar system and fly on toward the stars.


anyflower said...

On the other side of the medal, of your plan goes wrong, we could end up with a world like the one showed in the movie "Idiocraty", a geek must see :o) That would hurt soooo much!

yofed said...

Ouch! Please! NOOOO!!!! No idiocracy!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!