Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hillary or Obama?

The past few days I keep hearing about the current US democrat primaries to see if their next presidential candidate will be Hillary or Obama. Well this might well be very interesting for US citizens; it holds far less interest to me as a Canadian. In fact, it holds about as much interest as the current US republican primaries…

Considering that the US still seems to be a democratic country, that none of the candidate seems to be thinking about changing that or waging more war I don’t really see why we need to concern ourselves with their affairs. I don’t think we need to devote a lot of time to news about the primaries unless, something unusual happen or a candidate as something to say about the US-Canada (or US-World) relation.

Talking about who we would like to see win, or which party should form the next government is like a neighbor looking through your windows and screaming tips to arrange your check book. It doesn’t concern them; just like the US election process does not concern us. I’m pretty sure that the US-Canada relation would be even better if we kept out of each other internal business.

All that to say, I don’t care who wins between Hillary and Obama, hell I don’t care about who wins the next presidential election. As long as he is democratically elected, it is none of our business; we can choose to deal or not with the person but the choice is solely in the hand of the US citizens. So please SRC and CBC stop spending so much time telling me about the democrat leadership race, I’m sure there are a lot of other news in the world that are much more important.

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anyflower said...

I somewhat feel that this campaign has gained common public interest in the way that the opponents are a woman and a "black" man, two "races" we never saw take power at the White House. Also there is the popular sympathy for Hilary and bla bla bla. You are right, that's not what I want to hear at my canadian news.