Monday, January 21, 2008

Global Warming appreciation day.

Well today Mother Nature in all her non-existence saw fit to give the resident of Quebec a global warming appreciation day by inflicting us with the usual winter polar temperatures. Yes, today and probably tomorrow, well maybe for a week we will find ourselves with temperature with wind chill factor around the -40. This should be enough to produce a full ensemble of joke about how global warming isn’t so bad and that it might not even be happening. Showing once again that punctual dramatic event have more weight in the collective imagination than slow process. So just remember just because today is cold doesn’t mean the year isn’t hotter then the previous one, and even the year isn’t hotter then the previous one, well the decade is and so on until you get to decabillion year at which point you can’t get a large enough sample to make a claim.

Oh one last thing, apparently Canada used to be a Tropical Paradise 65 millions years ago, so unless the continental drift is a lot more then I though some era where a lot hotter then today is. And frankly on days like today I’d kinda like seeing a palm tree instead of a snow outside my window.

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