Monday, January 14, 2008

Canada and it's population

Canada is a very large country but it as one vast problem, namely that its population mostly lives within 150 km of the border with the US. Also since most of its natural resources lie farther north then this 150 km limits it exploit far less then it could. Now, living in the northern part of Canada is no picnic between the Siberian cold and the lack of arable land their isn’t much to attract no settler. Even in the part where there are settlers the difficulty of life keep most industries away stalling economical development. All this makes the development of Canada rather difficult.

As part of my Humanity out of the solar system by the end of the 21st century I have a proposal to make. We know that for sustainable space exploration we need to have self- contain self-sufficient environment. Humanity as experimented with this concept before (see Biosphere 2) and it was meet with less then stellar success (some would say failure). So it might be time to try something like that again, but with more modest ambition. I would try to build, self-contain, temperature regulated, semi-autonomous cities north of the 150 km limits. The idea is to remove the biggest limitation to our expansion, climate and to experiment to produced self-contained, self-sufficient environment. Since I am talking about cities size object we would need to design ecologically friendly vehicles (since high pollution engine like the car engine would cause big environmental control issues in a self-contained environment). These cities since they are not designed to be self-sufficient would require trade, and supply from the rest of the country (and hopefully the world) we could use railways and I would like to develop the modern Zepplin technology, which should give us relatively cheap air cargo capacity.

I think that something like that would help Canada to progress toward the future and would give Canadian something to work for. It would also be a technological challenge to build new technology that could help us cope with climate change and pollution as well as giving us access to new resources.

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