Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The bus just kills me

I take the bus to school everyday and I have come to an annoying realization: taking the bus tires me. I came onto this realization last week when after a great day at work where things where moving smoothly along and that I was energized from it. I was making plans for the evening while waiting to catch my bus home. I get on the bus and less then 5 minutes later I find myself yawning and my eyes closing. At the time I guessed that it would go away when I returned home and go out of the bus but thinking back, I realized that I was never tired until I got on the bus.

Now this morning I had another confirmation of this energy draining effect, I was really looking forward to working, my things are advancing like I want them to, I have interesting result and I already know what I need to be doing for stuff to continue on. So I get on the bus and a few stops later all my energy his gone and I’m yawning the trip away.

I don’t know what the source of this “energy-draining field” but it’s really annoying and only seems to happen when I take the bus. However I must say I have far less data point for the effect of car transportation on my tiredness, I have enough to compare with walking and it is clear there is a deference, walking doesn’t tire me as much… well except for the fact that it would take me about 2 hours to get there.

So any of you ever experiences something like that? Any idea what might cause this effect? Or any solution (beside getting a car, I can’t afford it) to propose?


yofed said...

Maybe you are tired, not realizing it, and when you are in the bus, your body wants to cath up on sleep? Or you are just bored to death.... bring books in the bus! ;)

anyflower said...

The rocking of the bus reminds you of the comfy arms of your mom when she was rocking you to sleep in your early years. Your subconscious can't resist that appeal now.