Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Arm Formerly Known as the Canadian Arm

Yesterday the company owning the patent and rights to build the now famous Canadian Arm of the space shuttle and International (useless) space station was sold to a US company. One of the reason given for the sale was that the aerospace and defense sectors of the US economy were very difficult to access without being an US owned company. That tells me that Canadian aerospace implication is too small and that are defense contract too often go to other countries. Remember, just last year we bought German tanks second hand from the Dutch, and while we have one of the largest aeronautic industry in the world our military planes are build by US company. We, the world 7th richest economy, are also dependent on other country for all our space exploration and communication. Don’t you find it weird that India, a third world country not 20 years ago launches Canadian research satellite? That many of NASA great engineers and scientist were Canadian from company that got sold to US interest?

We must end our dependence on the US economy, while the will remain our main trading partner they should not be so big that every time they sneeze we risk an heart attack. We should also invest ourselves to make sure that our know-how and expertise remain in Canada and are used by Canadian. I think it is only logical in the long run.

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