Friday, January 11, 2008

Another proof that Astrophisics is the coolest science

I’ve recently realized something that once again brings Astrophysics in the realm of the very absolutely best science there is. If you watch Stargate and its spin off Stargate: Atlantis, you come face to face with the phenomenon of what I could call the super scientist. You probably know the type, the science guy that can solve every problem in every science and engineering easily and fast. If you don’t know whom I am talking about just look at one of those shows and keep an eyes out for McKay and Carter you’ll understand. Anyway, both the characters and many of the other super scientists have something in common: they are Astrophysicist!

Since we all know that TV always show exact representation of real life profession in its SF series we can only assume that astrophysicists are indeed super scientist. Proving once again that they are the coolest scientists since super scientists are by definition cooler then normal scientists (just like super heroes are cooler then regular heroes).


yofed said...

Carter is hot. MacKay is the most annoying character ever. What makes him so intelligent is not being an astrophysicist, but being Canadian... :P

asaathi said...

Your logic doesn't work since Carter isn't Canadian and is as or more intelligent then MacKay.

However there is a case to be make for MacKay Canadianess adding to his super scientist power. He must be able to fly or use ancient technology or something.

yofed said...

Maybe Sam's mom was Canadian? ;)