Monday, August 20, 2007

Wishmaster - The Misheard Lyrics

This is really funny... if you know the song from Nighwish.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dating site woes

I've been a visitor to some dating site for a while now and as time goes by I am noticing a rather depressing fact. A large proportion of girl on those site are simply not interesting. Well many picture are very interesting but the profile of those woman can be summed as follow: Like good red wine, dinner with friends, the great outdoors, having fun with friends but also to snuggle with a boyfriend while watching a movie. I kid you not close to 90% of profile have those words and most of the time only those words. Add to that the smoker, woman with more then 3 children at 23 (surprisingly common apparently and some even specify they are not from the same father... word of advice that's not a good way to attract a guy!), the woman who list only the above as her interested by ask that be uninterested in everything that guy likes (cars, sex, video game, etc) and of course the ever popular I'm only interested in friends but that is looking for love...

Of course not all dating site are the same, well no they pretty much are you basically just change the way woman (and guy, seriously I looked at guy profiles for inspiration onces and either I'm not living on the right planet or most of those guy are boring as a spoken word version of Celine Dion discography) say the same things. It is so bad that I've been a member with full privillege acces to one site (i.e a freak that pays for acces) for more then two months now and I haven't found a single profile interesting enough to send a message to!

Oh well, it's not like I expect the dating site to be the answer to everything but I hoped it would be a good way to meet new people... which it proved to be, I meet two very interesting woman (who are now my friends). On slightly related news I finally got the phone number of a cute 23 years old I was chatting with in my dance class, don't expect a relationship to come from that but it's nice. I think I need more single friends.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

4th Edition...

Wizards of the Cost as announced today the soon to be release of Dungeon and Dragon 4th edition. If you want to read/hear about it head to the wizard web site and watch the videos. Now I must say that I am very impressed with the online tool but I am not sure it will be such a great time saver, I'm guessing it will take a lot more time to do it online then to do it on paper grid here at home in preparation. Not to mention that a dungeon isn't that bad but what about cities? or the wilderness how much more complex will it be?

Another question I have is his it really necessary? Intuitively I would say no, but then again I've spend many hundred dollars on 3rd edition stuff which is going to be (if previous changes in edition are any indication) but then again I am probably wrong. Many thing can be improved with 3rd edition and maybe it was time to get a 4th edition, I'm gonna reserve my jugement for the final product.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Enemies of Reason

Well I do not agree with everything Richard Dawkins says about science and it's opposition to spiritualism but I do however subscribe to the view that belief in spite of contrary evidence is silly. If not crazy or downright dangerous.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A dillemma

A few days ago a friend of mine asked me about a philosophical dilemma and was quite surprised by my answer (she didn't like the cold rationality of it). This got me thinking and I was wondering what you my reader would have answered and what you do think of my answer (and explanation for it). So I present to you the dilemma:

You have a choice to make, you can choose only one option (they are mutually exclusive) and nothing in the universe will be able to prevent the consequences of not choosing the other choices from happening, also you must choose something, also not all choices are as likely to succeed as the others. Your choices are as follow:
1. Save your child that is suffering from a incurable disease and will die in the next 10 minutes unless you find the cure (you have 1 in 2 chance of succeeding)
2. Save your village from an invading army that will destroy it in 1 month (1 in 50 chance of success)
3. Save your country from nuclear inhalation from an enemy country in 1 year (1 in 500 chance of success)
4. Save humanity from an invading alien civilisation that will destroy them in 10 years (1 in 5000 chance of success)

Think about it and in a few lines I will tell you my answer and why.

My answer with those odd is to save the child, it is the only one choice with a reasonable chance of success given the conditions. I might only be giving him one month to live (he's gonna die in the village destruction apparently) but at least I'd be giving someone a chance to live. The village and country solution even if they are far more likely to happen then the humanity survival one and their is also the idea that this cure could be used on other children... but that not part of the dilemma so it shouldn't matter. Now I also told my friend that with different odds I would choose a different answer, the thing is that I would save humanity if it was basically possible to do so. You see statistically a 1 out of 5000 chance is impossible in a single attempt drawing, it could happen of course that change is not 0 but it is not likely enough to be considered an eventuality. Suppose however that you increased the chance of saving humanity to 1 in 2500 (doubling your chances in a way) well you go from the real of almost impossible to the very unlikely but possible and at those odds I would try to change humanity.

This is what my friend found too rational, the fact that I was using the odds of success to make my choice. The fact that I was passing on saving humanity because with those odd it was basically doomed and that saving the child (who is supposed to be my child in the dilemma someone that would be very dear to me) is the most likely situation. What do you think.
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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Less we forget Russia

putting more funding in the Those of you who are as young as I am didn't live through much of the cold war and for me at least the threat of Russian bomber or of a large scale war are pretty much nonexistent. The end of the cold war with the fall of the Berlin wall the threat of a war between super power seemed to be gone. The subsequent collapse of the Russian power structure, military power and economic live kept this idea strong. However recent event are starting to make we wonder if we are just not forgetting the existence of a dangerous dragon because it fell asleep. We first saw Poutine increase funding to the army , weapon research and bringing Russia back to it's former places as a nuclear powerhouse now we have Russian restarting flyby by nuclear capable bomber of US forces (and probably NATO forces too). While the article probably rightfully downplay the event as something unimportant it might be a good idea to keep watch on Russia, it might not be the super power it once was but it's still a power we have to consider in the world. My opinion right now is that more and more power block are emerging and that the balance of power between them is unstable. Not to mention that the old power block are not yet gone and want to protect their existence. If alliance start to happen we might start to worry about a new great war.

Creation myths

If being thinking about doing a new post for a while but couldn't really get an idea about what to post about. I suddently got an idea when I was pointed to a test to see if I was a stupid skeptic or an intelligent one (which apparently revolve around my agreement or not with the bible). I want to talk about creation myths. More precicely how the current theory for the creation of the universe is in a way a creation myth.

In a creation myth we the human civilisation tries to explain how the world/universe was created and in some case why. It usually involve processes that are unknown to us or event unknowable, and it tries to explain how everything comes from that single event (or series of event). Now the current theory of the creation of the universe (I should say theories as they are now theories about how the Big Bang came to be) the Big Bang fits with those two criterium. We think that the primordiale explosion of something created space time and resulted in the slow cooling of matter and radiation resulted in the self colapse of matter into the structer we now see. Now if we look into more details for the theory most of the process after the first few hundred years after the Big Bang are well understood (some still elude us tho) but before that more and more unknown arise and the closer we get to the Big Bang the less we understand.

Still event if the process are unknown they are not unknowable and the Big Bang is not the reality it is a model that we try to make fit with the reality. The Big Bang is the model that best fits with reality as we know it. It predict many thing that nothing else as predicted before and it explain some of the strangest proprieties of space and time. However like many scientific theory we might one day find some feature that make the Big Bang Theory impossible and well science will moves to another creation myth.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Remember Hiroshima

August 6th 1945, Hiroshima atomic fire where unleashed for the first time in a war, remember it till the end of time, less it's devastation be repeated all over the world.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I talked about this serie for a while so here I am posting the first episode for your enjoyment. Like the PHB (SNEAK ATTACK!) PSA one you should watch them and thank me profusely for letting you know about them.

oh and by the way, squirrel on Jessica Alba.

Step power

According to this article two student of MIT found an interesting way to generate power in our big cities. They call it crowd farming an act by which they use the mecanical energy of people steping on the ground to generate power. While you do not generate that much power it could be used as a secondary source of energy to lower our reliance on fossil fuel and stuff like that. And it as the added bonus of serving as extra exercices for the people walking (well not that much extra but still every little bit count). Idea such as this are great exemple of why I love science, you find new unexpected way to do stuff, new solution to problem and it does look fun (see the chair exemple in the article).

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Let us compare

Today a tragedy happened in the United State, for unknown reason a bridge fell into a river in Minneapolis. At moment I'm writing those line only three persons died in this terrible event. I hope no more casualty join them considering the hours when it collapse (18h05) the bridge must have been packed. We do not yet know what might have cause the bridge to collapse but I would invite my readers from Canada (and in particular Quebec) to pay attention to how this is investigate and what happens after. I would love to compare the way this tragedy is studied to the Viaduc de la Concorde, sure, the size is very different but the structure are about the same age and people will probably ask for a lot of answers.