Friday, June 15, 2007

Another good reason not to stay single

Well apparently even statistic Canada is trying to get people to hook up, yep, apparently people that live alone are a lot poorer then people that don't. So in the interest of my fiscal health I will probably need to find a girlfriend, I don't like being poor you know...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The perfect men

Well girls (or homosexual men) that read my blog would you please do me the honor of describing exactly what your idea of the perfect men is? Please do not say, my husband, my boyfriend or any other significant other, just describe the person please.

Now you probably wonder why in the hell I would ask that. Well it is because of a friend story (I'm well aware that 99% of the time when we say something happened to a friend it had happened to us but this rest squarely in the 1%). You see my friend (who does not read this blog hopefully) wanted to date this woman, not the most attractive woman to me but he really like her so we encouraged him to try. Well he finally got a date, to go and see a show... and thing fell appart for him there, first off he didn't sit with her (kinda of a bad sign for a date) and then afterward when he was driving her back to her apartment she proceeded to tell him about her "perfect" guy... all the while he was falling in the friend black hole.

Now please post your version before you read the following... please to be fair.... come on I know your still reading...

Well basically what she told him is kinda depressing, I don't have all the details (we decided not to press the poor guy to much about that) but it rolls down to... She wants a guy that controls her but let her be free. That choose the movies but choose the one she likes always, that is ambitious but place her above his job. That makes lots of money but no more then she does (she's gonna be a medical doctor). That is passionate about thing but will never argue with her or have opinion different then she does except when she wants him to. And finally the only thing that don't involve a contradiction good looking and taller then she is. (And as a joke I would add that sign Celine Dion but on a Death metal beat.)

Now I understand my ever relaxing "standard" (for a girl) can be high but they don't involve actual paradox or contradiction do they? If they do I'm sure yofed and piccolo will point them out :-p

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The world needs more Ashton!

After going dancing last night (it was latino night at a club nearby) I noticed something, the world would be a much better place if they where more Ashton restaurant. You might not know about them if you happen to live outside of the Quebec city area but Ashton restaurant are basically the best place to get a poutine at 4 am after a few drink and lots of dancing. And having access to this food in those conditions will make the world a better place.

How you ask? well it is a little known fact that all the decision that lead to war in the past were taken because the person in charge lacked food (more exactly poutine) at 4am after a few drinks. (Well except World War II since Hitler didn't drink, but if he had he would have taken the decision at 4am without having eaten a poutine. He was a vegetarian you know...) Not to mention that everyday that a cure for cancer isn't discovered a scientist goes without a 4am poutine from Ashton! Imagine what would accomplished if they all had access to the Ashton super poutine food...

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Back from CASCA 2007

One of the reason I haven't been posting in the recent past is that I was preparing for the CASCA 2007 meeting where I had a 15 minutes presentation to do. Now the meeting was last week in Kingston Ontario at the Royal Military college of Canada which in my opinion is a puzzeling place to hold a meeting but I disgress.

I had a lot of fun over there, meet lots of interesting people, drank way too much beer and learned a few things... such as:

* I like astrophysics, but not to the point of making my life out of it. Most of the talk should have interested me and I found it not to be the case but at all. Most people end up talking about astrophysic during the meeting I wanted to talk about everything but astrophysics...

* Apparently being interested in military history and is a freaky weird things. I took pictures of the WWII era german tank displayed on the RMC ground and got strange look from people at the meeting.

* There are some very cute girl in astrophysics and I apparently can flirt with them with some success. By sucess I mean that she seemed to be interested or at least continued to flirt with me.

* I seem to have more luck with english speaking woman then french speaking one.. at least english woman that want to learn french.

* I love tomatoes, almost to the point of being addicted. I had the weirdest craving for them while in Kingston and never had the opportunity to eat any fresh one.

* The canadian military as sucky barracks for it officer in trainning. Seriously it was cold, unconfortable, with communial showers. While I do expect the military to have that stuff I don't expect them to submit civilian coming for a conference to that.

* Going south make things cold... well no, but Kingston was cold as hell for most of the week which increased the problem of the room by an order of magnitude.

* Talks about alternative job for astronomer means talking about having a job as an astronomer apparently. That one talk that really disappointed me, I wanted to see that talk and ended up thinking I wasted almost two hours.

* I'm weird enough to ask autograph (and get them) from slightly weird and famous astronomer, that's great no?

Oh well that my report from CASCA, if you want to see some pictures just comments about them and I'll try to post the less embarassing ones. The embarassing one are to be kept for future blackmail entreprise.


I just misread something that gave me an amazing idea for a new sport (well I always have amazing ideas for sports but this one might take the cake). Bikini Hockey! now wouldn't that be3 a fun sport to watch? (ok maybe not pla, but it will certainly be nice to watch) so girl we now need like 20 of you to be the first two teams and get the competition going!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

We need girlfriend

Well actually for once I'm not talking about myself but about a serie of short film on youtube appropriatly called We need girlfriend. So if you want to see what this is about go see the first episode here and if you like go see the others. I personnaly find them very funny and quite interesting but that might be because of my current marital situation.