Wednesday, December 19, 2007

L'Âge des Ténébres, movie review

I went to see L’Âge des Ténébres by Deny Arcand last night, and I must say I quite like the movie and how it looks at Quebec society. It might be strange to say that I like looking at Quebec like some kind of political correctness distopia but the emphasis is put on thing that are just a little worse then they are now. Two examples from the movie: the main character is brought before a disciplinary committee for saying that his black colleague was working like negger, and even tho his colleague does not object to the adjective, he is reminded that negger is a non-word and that he risk a lot for having used it. Also, the main character and a few of his colleague are smokers and go on clandestine smoking break around their office (ironically the office is the Montreal Olympic stadium) because of a law that prevent smoking within 1 km of any government building. Of course, it is not just the character’s job that is going to hell the whole society is, we hear about throughout the movie about disaster that are dismissed as normal. Also I did not see the anti-feminism and homosexuality I heard about in the review I saw before so that remove one of the biggest criticism of the movie I’ve heard. So all in all it’s a very interesting movie that is well worth watching.

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