Monday, December 10, 2007

The Evolution(?) of Society

I’ve been thinking following a few posts on the A2EP forum about society and the involvement of government in private life. I think I’ve come to the realization that we are perhaps unknowingly domesticating humanity. You see, the domestication process involve removing traits that are dangerous and increasing traits we find pleasing. Often, those traits are the traits that are possessed by the youth and lost in adulthood (for example playfulness in dogs and cats). In short we could say, as a first approximation that domesticating animals is the process through which we select the animal that keep remains children the longest as our pets.

Now, I don’t know if you have noticed but there seems to be a similar process going on with humanity. We are more and more encouraging adult human to exhibits child-like behavior, we encourage people to play games or to make game a style of living (professional gamers anyone?), for example. We also on a second front, find more and more excuse for behavior that are outside the individual, removing responsibility for action taken willingly and knowingly because of “socials factors”. I don’t know if you realize but technically there are very few humans without responsibility for there actions: children and people with mental defect (psychopath, sociopath and people with disabilities). Everyone else, according to our laws, is capable of knowing the difference between good and bad and making a choice about its action. But being able to make those choice means we are also able to assume the consequences of those action, and inversely. When we as a society remove the consequences of a choice or the responsibility of that choice from a person we are saying that this person is not an adult. We are basically treating him like a child, and when you are treated like a child for long enough you start to look at the people treating you as such as parent. People that have wisdom you don’t have, that will provide for you, that will protect you and that will take decision for you. Sooner or later those people that protect, provide and make decision for you will not ask for you opinion, they will not need it anyway since you will be dependent on them, and once this happen well you are no longer a free man. No, you are then domesticated men, someone that can be a pet for “free man” or whatever entities you are a responsibility of.

Yes, assuming the consequences of our action and responsibility for our choices is much more risky and scary but how else can we be free and adult?

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