Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Canada and science

The OCDE publish an interesting survey last week, a survey that is very good new for Canada. Apparently Canadian 15 years old are amongst the best in science, ranking 3rd in the world in 2006, while Quebecer rang not far below in 4th place (if Quebec was a country). Canada and Quebec also rang in the top ten for the two other variables studied by PISA for the OCDE. I believe that this is amazing news (even if I am worried that the recent change to our education system in Quebec will throw us way back in those area in the next few years) marking Canada as one of the country where science is the most vibrant and a country that tries to be at the edge of human knowledge trying to understand the mysteries of the universe and life. One last thing, Finland and Hong Kong are both above us in science, we should try to make it that both these country can only look at Canadian kid and wonder, how can they be so good in science. Let’s be #1, not just in science but in reading and math and everywhere else we can be the best, lets not give up until we are, and then let us work to remain the best.

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