Friday, November 09, 2007

Ruling the internet to preserve our culture...

Our nice, friendly, grandiose, always right censorship organism, also known as the CRTC is thinking about creating the great firewall of Canada (or maybe just Quebec) to “protect the culture”. Giving us the opportunity to join with great democracies like China and North Korea as country that control what their citizen can consult online. Wow, with a thing like that I probably would not be able to blog in English, it is after all a challenge to Quebec French culture that I a French Canadian publish my thoughts in English instead of my native French.

I’m sorry but I’m already thinking I don’t need an organism to control what I can ear and see in the media, why would I want one to control what I can read over the internet? Why would I need to be protected from stuff the rest of the planet can access? The only reasons I can see why someone would want to do such a thing is to either a) hide information from the citizen to be able to better control then or 2) to promote business in your country that are unable to compete with international website with better content and prices. Both reasons are unacceptable to me, the internet must be free of censorship, it must remain a tool where you can find information about everything.

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Krimpoff said...

The CRTC will probably disappear, if they dare to do this kind of move.
Their trying to close CHOI (unsuccessfully), their censorships on American ads during the Super Bowl (but not during other shows, go figure)... any kind of "interdiction" they try to impose will be countered by an angrier population. And if the need is there, I'll take leadership of this movement.
No way we will accept this, being free is what every Canadian should thrive for.

anyflower said...

Wow that can't be serious huh? Well, I'm moving to Ontario and I will not miss those CRTC initiatives. Do they plan to also ban online french/english dictionnaries to impede english learning in the french community? I am shocked.