Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More worisome then the CRTC regulating the net.

I posted on November 9th something about the CRTC wanting to regulate access to the internet to preserve our culture. Which in itself is very worrying, but I realized that something in that news was even more worrisome. The CRTC did not decide by itself to look into regulating the internet for the French speaker of Quebec… he was asked by some group in Quebec to regulate internet usage. One or more group that apparently believes that freedom of speech, of choice and access to information are threats to our culture and need to be removed. Well it more likely that those rights are threats to their profits margin. It is scary to think that those groups have enough influence over the CRTC to make them consider something so drastic. We clearly need to find ways to prevent our bureaucrats from having so much decision making power. We also need to know what group things so little of our freedom and our knowledge that they would petition for this regulation.

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