Thursday, November 15, 2007

Global Warming solution?

Well even if the Copenhagen Consensus showed that global warming as the worse risk-reward ratio of everything we could be doing worldwide. They said it is so because even if we spend a lot of money on global warming, very little effect will be seen. While some other idea, like working on malaria, on getting more child into school or with food cost a lot less then “solving” global warming with a lot more return on our investment. Like one speaker at TED put it: “basically 50 G$ now buy a delay of 6 years in the flooding of low land by raising see level. While putting a fraction of this in educating children of poor country give us millions more mind to solve the flooding problem.” It might looks stupid because global warming is the “hot” topic at the moment but is argument is worth listening to.

However I want to share with you another of TED talk about an idea that does sound stupid but that might be one of the cheapest and most efficient way to buy us the time we need to actually solve the problem. I’ll let you watch the video and please tell me what you think.

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