Friday, November 09, 2007

A choice we made as a society...

Often when I argue about Canadian, or more exactly Quebec’s society, I am told that something cannot be changed (or should not) because: “that a choice we made as a society”. This answer really confused me. What does that mean? That once a society has made a choice it cannot be wrong? Or maybe it means that once a society has made her choice it cannot be changed ever? Well on that last one; want to talk about the last two referendums? Or maybe it is something even greater: something that cannot be questioned ever?

For me, a choice we made as a society means nothing, yes it means that we made a choice in the past about an aspect of our society. So fracking what? Those choices should always be up for reevaluation, our society is made out of human, you know those people that makes mistake? And I don’t think that anyone as ever said that a large group of human was more intelligent or closer to perfection then a single human. So when someone questions something about our society, the answer it is a choice we made as a society is not a good one. Explain what brought that choice what the advantages of that choice are. Sure it is longer then stating it as a gospel but my suggestion at least give us the possibility of questioning the choice and maybe if it is wrong or just slightly inappropriate to change it.

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