Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What to do with 8.5 billions..

According to the news I just read the Canadian government has an estimated 8.5 billions dollars surplus for the 5 previous months. Impressive would you say? Now everyone is asking what will the government do with all that money? The NPD say: don't lower taxes invest it on infrastructures and community, the Liberals say: don't lower taxes. Their is something I find interesting about this situation, remember last year the same government lowered tax rate? well since technically it should have lowered the revenues I'm guessing that this increase in revenues means that lowering those taxes further might be a good idea. Beside they did promise they would do it...
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Krimpoff said...

Well now it's official, taxes are being lowered.

Good thing because, first, they promised it and, second, it will give a good push forward to the economy (more money in people's pockets is always good for everyone).