Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Red ink is agressive...

I learned a few days ago that teachers (or TAs) should not correct the works of the student with red ink. Yes apparently red ink is an aggressive color and do not promote a proper understanding of a mistake. Is it just me or are we falling into overprotective bullshit mode right now? What kind of misadapted people are we going to end up with if they can't event deal with an aggressive color being used to point out mistake. Come on people, it's ink it's normally used because NO one writes a paper in red ink (tradition and it can be annoying to read) so you are sure that your comments and correction will not be mistaken for text. We really really have to stop protecting children and people from moronic things if you cannot deal with a color you might have problem that would required you seek medical attention. For the records all my future correction will be made using a red pen, complains can be addressed to the I don't care department.

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Piccolo said...

Mais on autorise les vitres teintées rouges et les cadrans rouges à l'intérieur des véhicules... Quel monde de fous!!!