Friday, October 19, 2007

Let it be recorded: they fired the first shot.

When, as SF predict, the unavoidable robot-human war occurs years (or months) in the future I hope history will recall that humanity was not the aggressor here. You see in South Africa a robot fired the first shots, killing unsuspecting and defenseless human on his own paving the way for the upcoming war. I was always again using robot for warfare, and now it seems my fear where justified, even when they should not be able to fire without human trigger they find ways to bypass our strongest safety. It does seems that robot are out for our blood! Protect yourself from the upcoming robot war, learn how to buy EMP weapon from duck tapes, batteries and trombone. Unplug any appliance that display anger toward you and report it to the authorities.

Let it be recorded for posterity and history: Robot fired the first shot, without provocation or just cause the War against the machine is pure and simple self defense.

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