Thursday, October 18, 2007

The federal liberals

I've been keeping an eye on the recent event in the federal politics. Frankly it turned out as I expected it to, the last partial election results showed that the liberal were still mistrusted by the public, the lost of Outremont to the NPD was a great blow to their confidence, and they probably know that they would loose more seats to the Torries in the event of an election. I'm fully expecting the show of "force" by the Bloc Québecois to be just that a show, had the liberal fully opposed the budget they would have voted with the government just to have the opportunity to regain support in the eyes of Quebecers.

In a way the Harper government has a very good situation to keep itself in power. the opposition leader is mistrusted by Canadian and Quebecer alike, the Bloc's leader is unsure of his following in Quebec and the fourth party is making headway in the other parties stronghold. So two of the three opposition parties have a stake in keeping the government in power as long as possible or at least long enough for the wind to change. I'm also pretty sure that the Torries can win any confidence vote by convincing only 1 of the oppositions parties to vote their way, which only mean that 3 parties are needed to defeat them.

I think that the current government is trying to set up the other parties for two things, one to be the ones forcing an early election. and two for being supporter of ideas their voted didn't want or support. A win win situation for the torries.
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