Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Association des Électeurs pour l'Évolution de la Politique

I've been tired of politics and politician for a long time. This week end after hearing about Pauline Marois's proposal for Quebec's Identity, I really blew a fuse and started ranting to a friend. Said friend was becoming disillusioned with Politics and by talking we concluded that we need a means to motivate Quebec/Canadian electorate and take a more active part in politic. The way we started is simple, a web forum where you (and us) will be able to discuss , debate and think about the politics of Canada and Quebec. We wish to talk with people from all allegiance and by this sharing of idea hope to increases interest in politic and find solution for the future of Canadian and Quebec's politics. So I invite you to join us in french at:

Thanks and see you there talking french.

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