Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Melissa stripping for spammer!

A proof that someone will raise to any challenge I guess. You've probably encountered Captchas, Completely Automated Public Turin test to tell Computer and Human Apart, you know these bits of text graphics that are garbled and almost unreadable you encounter when signing up to some stuff and when posting comments on blogs for example. Well those things are almost impossible to decipher automatically by computer making them a very effective anti-spam system. But some people have found a way to exploit the weakness in the system: human. By way of a malware a message appear on a the screen about a girl which ask you to play a striptease game: if you can guess the characters written on the screen she takes a pieces of clothes off. Where it becomes inters ting is that the characters you are asked to guess are the Captchas of an account trying to be set up for spam. While it does not enable computer to beat the Captchas technically it is still a ingenious workaround. It is also further proof that you should question the motive or random girl asking to strip for you...

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What to do with 8.5 billions..

According to the news I just read the Canadian government has an estimated 8.5 billions dollars surplus for the 5 previous months. Impressive would you say? Now everyone is asking what will the government do with all that money? The NPD say: don't lower taxes invest it on infrastructures and community, the Liberals say: don't lower taxes. Their is something I find interesting about this situation, remember last year the same government lowered tax rate? well since technically it should have lowered the revenues I'm guessing that this increase in revenues means that lowering those taxes further might be a good idea. Beside they did promise they would do it...
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

I shall revise my theory

I've stated before that I have a theory about Atlantis in the Stargate universe. Basically I used to belive that the sources of most of the human, ancient, replicator and other species imbecility came from contact with Atlantis. While their was no evidence outside of empirical observation of Stargate before finding atlantis and of all species having had contact with atlantis making obviously stupid decision and ignoring obvious information. However in the latest episode and with addition observation of the Asgard, the Wraith, the G'aoul and the new traveler species I must revise the sources of this stupidity.

My new theory is that hyperspace radiation is harmful to the cognitive function of the "intelligent" species. This seems to be the only link between all those species and their appears to be a direct link between the use of hyperspace and the decline in human logic abilities. Further proof might be required but the number of species with hyperspace capability demonstrating very poor cognitive skill is indicative of a possible connection between the two.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Association des Électeurs pour l'Évolution de la Politique

I've been tired of politics and politician for a long time. This week end after hearing about Pauline Marois's proposal for Quebec's Identity, I really blew a fuse and started ranting to a friend. Said friend was becoming disillusioned with Politics and by talking we concluded that we need a means to motivate Quebec/Canadian electorate and take a more active part in politic. The way we started is simple, a web forum where you (and us) will be able to discuss , debate and think about the politics of Canada and Quebec. We wish to talk with people from all allegiance and by this sharing of idea hope to increases interest in politic and find solution for the future of Canadian and Quebec's politics. So I invite you to join us in french at:


Thanks and see you there talking french.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wow, that a nice projet

I'm not normally a fan of project for Montreal finding that more often then not those project will be done in spite of the rest of Canada instead of with but this morning I was pointed to this news by a fellow blogger. Transferring the seat of the UN from New York to Montreal... wow, even if I am disillusioned with the UN at the moment I can't help but thing that this is an interesting project. The world visibility of such an achievement is huge not to mention a boom for tourism, and economics. One last thing, you know who proposed that project? yeah the "Evil" federal government...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Let it be recorded: they fired the first shot.

When, as SF predict, the unavoidable robot-human war occurs years (or months) in the future I hope history will recall that humanity was not the aggressor here. You see in South Africa a robot fired the first shots, killing unsuspecting and defenseless human on his own paving the way for the upcoming war. I was always again using robot for warfare, and now it seems my fear where justified, even when they should not be able to fire without human trigger they find ways to bypass our strongest safety. It does seems that robot are out for our blood! Protect yourself from the upcoming robot war, learn how to buy EMP weapon from duck tapes, batteries and trombone. Unplug any appliance that display anger toward you and report it to the authorities.

Let it be recorded for posterity and history: Robot fired the first shot, without provocation or just cause the War against the machine is pure and simple self defense.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The federal liberals

I've been keeping an eye on the recent event in the federal politics. Frankly it turned out as I expected it to, the last partial election results showed that the liberal were still mistrusted by the public, the lost of Outremont to the NPD was a great blow to their confidence, and they probably know that they would loose more seats to the Torries in the event of an election. I'm fully expecting the show of "force" by the Bloc Québecois to be just that a show, had the liberal fully opposed the budget they would have voted with the government just to have the opportunity to regain support in the eyes of Quebecers.

In a way the Harper government has a very good situation to keep itself in power. the opposition leader is mistrusted by Canadian and Quebecer alike, the Bloc's leader is unsure of his following in Quebec and the fourth party is making headway in the other parties stronghold. So two of the three opposition parties have a stake in keeping the government in power as long as possible or at least long enough for the wind to change. I'm also pretty sure that the Torries can win any confidence vote by convincing only 1 of the oppositions parties to vote their way, which only mean that 3 parties are needed to defeat them.

I think that the current government is trying to set up the other parties for two things, one to be the ones forcing an early election. and two for being supporter of ideas their voted didn't want or support. A win win situation for the torries.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

God Fucking Stupid Syndicate

Now I think the title says it all. But let me add to it, I have doubt about the agreditation vote (come on 75% when they couldn't get 50% of the people to sign the cards...) and I really find it weird that it took one year to get a first general assembly going. Now I read the things they want to negotiate for... am flabbergasated! Basically they have unresonable demand and mostly stupid. Also they use the thing I find the most annoying in french: capitalising the feminine dénomination (i.e étudiantEs). That makes me want to strangle something, it's so stupid and wrong. So basically I'm pissed.

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Kinda dorky nerd God?

Well that about sums it up.

NerdTests.com says I'm a Kinda Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

I am 37% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Beep Beep Beep Beep

50 years ago today this Beep Beep signal could be hear in radio all over the world, what did it mean you might ask? A new era, the begining of a race to the future, a scary realisation for the US, the sign Russia had captured better German scientist in WWII... in short the passage of man first artificial satelite Sputnik 1. Yep, it's only been 50 years since men can do more then gaze at the event and actually go there. Celebrate the dawn of the space age!

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Political blog soap opera

A few days (at most a week) ago I started to read the blog: Les dessous... de la politique by someone calling him/herself Elodie Gagnon-Martin. This blog at http://elodiegmartin.wordpress.com/ is as you can see not working anymore. Now for a while this person as been suspected of being Pierre Morin the former blogger of le suffer autonome, she/he probably still is but their as been a new development today. A new blog called les dessous... de la politique by someone calling him/herself Elodie Gagnon-Martin at http://elodiedmartin.wordpress.com/ notice the d instead of g, appeared. Quickly blogger figured it out and now people are asking if this new blog is false or something. Now, this actually made news in the web section of the SRC website... think about it the identity of a blogger is news!!!! I don't FRACKING care if she/he is Mario Dumont blogging or Joe Smock in Arkansas, I'm reading his/her opinion not basing life or death decision on her/his posts. His/her identity doesn't matter at all, yes he/she as an agenda she is publishing her opinion of course she fracking has an agenda! Now I'm gonna be reading the new blog for a while if it's a joke it should be apparent soon, if it's not well she/he was interesting.

Red ink is agressive...

I learned a few days ago that teachers (or TAs) should not correct the works of the student with red ink. Yes apparently red ink is an aggressive color and do not promote a proper understanding of a mistake. Is it just me or are we falling into overprotective bullshit mode right now? What kind of misadapted people are we going to end up with if they can't event deal with an aggressive color being used to point out mistake. Come on people, it's ink it's normally used because NO one writes a paper in red ink (tradition and it can be annoying to read) so you are sure that your comments and correction will not be mistaken for text. We really really have to stop protecting children and people from moronic things if you cannot deal with a color you might have problem that would required you seek medical attention. For the records all my future correction will be made using a red pen, complains can be addressed to the I don't care department.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Mes cours de bio... (Biology class)

I found this french song very funny so I'll share it with you.