Tuesday, September 25, 2007

University Network

While I'm waiting for some programmes to run I'd like to rant about the reliability of our university Internet connection... IT SUCKS! Basically I've been semi offline all morning and when half of your work require the Internet well you can guess how much time is wasted because of that little problem. I' betting that it only because the new semester is starting and they did not plan for the increased number of students... joy.

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anyflower said...

well... could be worse!

Our smart university has changed it's research engine (the catalogue) right for the beginning of the semester, leaving all new students + the old students clueless about how it works. To me, it appears much less efficient than the previous system + I now need to take an appointment (through busy days for them) to get a new library code that will allow me to get inter-library loans... and I'm trying to write an essay. Now that's another irritating factor!