Monday, September 03, 2007

A public service annoncement

Woman, please hear those words: Men cannot read mind, they barely understand their own thought so do not expect them to understand yours. Expect subtle request to be ignored or misunderstood, untold expectation to remain unfufill and your fantasies to remaind in the realm of fiction if you do not share them. To most men a look means you are looking at something nothing more , yes means yes and no means no. Asking men to choose something means that he will choose something he likes, if you want him to choose what you'd like give him at least hints (which he probably will not get...)

No, nothing happened in my lift to prompt this post, unfortunatly. But I think that this announcement could be made a few times a years to improve relation between men and women.

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yofed said...

Unless they talk about sex.
Girl says yes
Boy hears yes.

Girl says maybe
Boy hears yes.

Girl says no
Boy hears yes.