Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The most mindnumbling day of my life

Well yesterday started pretty awfully, after finding myself out of breath after putting on my shoe I got my body message and when to the emergency room to see what was wrong with me. Once there I learned that very low blood oxygen saturation level, high high rate and difficulty breathing are considered very alarming by nurse and did not get to have the waiting room experience of the usual old lady visiting the emergency room. I was sent in way less then 2 minutes into the reanimation room (rest assure that even if I was in a reanimation room I was conscious and still as coherent as I can be) where the nurse plugged me on oxygen and a specialist prepared heavy duty asthma treatment. I had apparently a very strong (and dangerous, possibly deadly according to the nurse) asthma attack. After an emergency bronchodilatation treatment I passed a test to see how well I was breathing compared to the average person... disastrous result I was only at 26%. that surprised the specialist and doctor as I was doing rather well and had regained a lot of colors to my face. Later that day the specialist explained to me that had my first result be lower (because it meant that my initial value must have been around 15-17%) they would have forced breathing tube down my throat. So the day started in an exciting but worrisome way, unfortunately the worrisome would remain and the exciting would leave.

After a few heavy bronchodilation treatment I was moved from the reanimation room (still animated, not reanimated with the only pain being left-over from the pointless insertion of a IV drip of soluté) to the emergency room proper. I was by about 20 years the youngest patient there and the one who required the less care. Basically all the needed to do was take my vitals every 4 hours and give my bronchodilation treatment every 3h (heavy bronchodilation treatement about 5 time the usual dosage). That meant that I only saw someone about every 3h... now when you are conscious, in no pain what so ever and without anything to distract you the emergency room is mindnummingly boring. The only thing that changed a little that I could look at was a clock... 10 fracking hours of looking at a clock because it's the most interesting thing I was seeing! I tried to ask for anything to do or read (I was forbidden from walking until the evening because they were worried about my oxygen level that was hovering at around 95% even with an oxygen feed) and they told me they had nothing. I was so bored that I started playing guitar hero in my mind... and tried to mentally practice my kung fu moves in my head too.

but in the end I was bored out of my mind, I was about to ask my parent to bring my sword so that I could go on a rampage just to have something to do! ok maybe not that bad but at the most boring moment I thought it could be funny. Luckily the evening shift doctor though I was well enough to send me home for the night. I know I couldn't have slept there, first the bed was too small for me, second their is always noise and light, third they would be waking me up every so often to check my vitals (even if they are far from punctual), fourth the bed is so small I can't move and the Iv drip mean I can't sleep in my usual position. So that would have been my second night in a row without any sleep not good for healing. Anyway I got sent home I have a shitload of medication (no only 4) and a few follow up examination to set up but I seem to be well on my way to recovery, but you can be sure that that day more then any pain and discomfort convinced me never to let that happen again. Quebec really need to start putting more money in patient care, I know that I probably would have had gotten better faster if most of my time hadn't been spend being bored and pissed off at being bored. Damn it getting a few magazine isn't that hard!


yofed said...

Oh my! I send you big big hugs, honey, and I hope you feel better soon! *HUGS*

asaathi said...

Thanks yofed, I'm feeling better and better every hours now I'm still not back to healthy young men level but I'm getting there. I must say that I am quite happy that I was in very good shape before that because it could have been much much worse.

anyflower said...

Wow! I am glad you listened to your body and went to the ER, a world without you would lack a bit of curious insanity! Get well buddy and take care of yourself. You should try to use that event to tell a cute girl that the doctor told you you need a massage every 12 hours or you will definetly die... maybe it would work?

yofed said...

Please give us updates! And always carry some reading material with you (I do, in my diaper bag! lol)