Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A job in danger

Let me tell you about a industry that is in peril, an industry that we should right now ask the governments to protect. This is an industry that as shaped Quebec history and that as employed hundred of people in the past and now that is barely (if event) supporting a few professional. I am talking of ice seller, particularly the door to door variety. The governments should definitively intervene so that those few precious people don't lose their livelihood and that this important part of Quebec economy isn't lost.

You might have understood that I am kidding, their probably isn't any door-to-door ice seller left anywhere in Canada, their job lost to the advance of technology, change in culture and economic reality. I want to talk about this because we are facing the same kind of situation with other industries right now and we are asking the government to "foolishly" protect them. I believe that our goal should not be to protect the industries we already have (particularly industries in the primary sector of the economy) but to build new domains more adapted to our economic reality. We have the capacity to teach our people the skill needed for complex job in high tech industry we shouldn't limits our self to primary resources production.

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