Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Health update

Well their isn't much to say about my life right now, I'm taking medicine, resting, reading, sending e-mails, reading some more, checking my fitness with short walks and generally taking care of myself to get better. I am proud to say that I am actually getting better, yesterday a short 10 minutes walks got me slightly winded (you know enough to know that I had been doing exercises). Today the same walk didn't get me winded at all, it is a far cry from my usual shape ( I can usually walk for hours before being winded) but it is a good sign. Aside from that I haven't suffered from any shortness of breath and I can actually feel my lung capacity increasing. Well maybe that just wishful thinking since I do not have actual measurement but the time it takes me to inhale my medicine as been reduced very significantly. I'll keep you posted with the rest of my improvement in the future.

Listening to: Blind Guardian - The Age Of False Innocence
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Krimpoff said...

Of all the people, you are one of the less likely I was thinking could have health problem.

Get well, my friend, take care of yourself.

anyflower said...

I am still a bit stunned by what happened to you. I am happy you have decided to take care of yourself instead of playing the tough guy and I hope you get well very soon! Big hug to you!!!