Monday, September 03, 2007

Good citizenship

Today I had a taste of the worse the Loi sur les heure d'ouverture of Quebec had to offer. For those of you living outside Quebec it is the law the prevents shops to have more then 4 peoples working for you on holidays and in the evening on the week ends. While I find this to be a very annoying thing, something pissed me off a lot more today. You see thanks to this law when i went to do my groceries today I found myself in a pack supermarket with only 3 cashiers obviously this made for very long lines. While I am a patient men and don't mind waiting in line many things happened in that line to annoy me. First they are the quitter, while I don't mind someone entering the shop and seeing lines that would decide to leave the shop I find unacceptable that someone would abandon their grocery cart filled with goods in an alley to leave. Second they are the line cutters, here is the situation there was this huge line that at the register split into two lines (one for each open register) people would keep trying to get into the line that split off from the main one... as if the people in the long line where stupid or something not to realise that the other one was like 45 minutes shorter. And finally there are the complainer.. people who spend 5 minutes bitching the cashier about how it is unacceptable to have such long waiting time... well Einstein if you didn't waste 5 minutes with her two peoples could have paid and left!

And all that are sign that people have trouble living with other people. I actually had to tell a woman cutting in line (after I told her she was cutting) "Miss I am talking to you, yes you in the white and red shirt I'm talking to you, you are the one cutting the lines" three times. Come on a little good citizenship and this would have been easy fast and a good opportunity to socialize (which i did with 1 cute girl, 2 old people and a few other guys). Oh well that was my rant.

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yofed said...

at least it was open. We didn't got Sunday shopping until a few months ago, here! lol So anytime Isee stores open, I'm happy, no matter how annoying the lines are!