Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A changed world?

You must remember 6 years ago today, the World Trade tower collapsed, the Pentagon was attacked and a plane crashed in pensylvina that was apparently targeting the White House, my first thoughts where that the world has we knew it would change dramatically. Hell I half expected to learn that some country who had sponsored the attack had been turned into a nuclear wasteland by a too zealous Bush. Now, 6 years later, I wonder did the world change?

My observation tell me that no, the world did not change september 11th 2001. Some would say that the fear of terrorism or the war on terrorism is a change in the world, but I think it is just a new way to express the same fear of the other, the stranger. In the 50s we had the communiste, and now in the 2000s we have terrorist. Increased security in airport and at the border you might say? Aside from the fact that you now need a passport to go to the US the difference is mainly cosmetic. The war in Afghanistan? yes, that wouldn't have happened without september 11th, however war in that section of the world is unfortunatly nothing new. the war in Irak then... well I'm betting that without 9-11 Bush would still have ordered the invasion of Irak, 9-11 was just a pretext to bring justification to the table they would have found another. More terrorist attack? I'd be surprised if that was really the case, I'm more and more convinced that it is actually more press for each terror attack then an actual increase in the number of attack worldwide.

Don't get me wrong tho, I think it is a good thing that the world didn't change after that attack. Changing the world and our way of life was/is the goal of those that orchestrated this attack and their failure to change our life and the world might be our greatest victory yet. Let us not hide in fear before threats, nor shall we bow down to the demande of those that would try to use fear as a weapon against us.


Krimpoff said...

The changes are subtle, but they sure are there. It is now much more complicated to do business with the USA, even with the Free trade agreement. The american economy sure got hit, and this affects a lot more people than we could expect.

The simple fact that the US dollar is shrinking in value means a lot of job lost in Canada.

I'm only speaking from an economical point of view, as I don't know much about the other sides of the story, but be sure that there were changes big enough to affect us all in our every day life, it is just that those are subtle and may not affect everyone in the same way.

RedFridayGirl said...

I think that the world changed a little, well I should say mostly North America security and economy our boarders have changed. Flying has changed the American dollar is not worth as much. Subtle changes.. were they around the corner before 911 hit? Maybe! Did it impact us? Definatly!

Piccolo said...

Call me crazy if you want, but this year, I think that the septembre 11 is a beautifull date!!! Yes, my world is now changing again!