Friday, September 07, 2007

Black Belt: ph33r my m4d kung fu skillz

As the title seems to indicate I have finally achieved the rank of black belt in Kung Fu and as the second part of the title indicate I'm not taking it very seriously. I've come to understand long ago (in judo in fact) that the black belt is just a step in the direction of mastery and is actually quite far from it. In a way it basically just says: now you know enough to start really learning and not hurt yourself in the process. Still this represent more then 5 years of practicing Kung Fu and I am rather proud that my almost epileptic-like flailing was considered to look enough like Kung Fu to deserve that grade. Now I only need to continue working until I reach the rank of master, which given the time I'm working on Kung Fu should take only 200 years... then their is the grand master rank, which I should reach to minutes after the end of time.

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anyflower said...

Congratulations!!! Whether or not you take it seriously, it still is a milestone and I'm proud of you :o)