Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another round of dating site stats

More then one year ago I posted statistic about my "success" on a dating site (you can see the message here). Now, I as I will be leaving those site (at least for a while) I've decided to see how my statistic had evolved with time. This time around 2% of all visits resulted in a message into my mail box. 11% of the message I sent resulted in an exchange of message but only 36% resulted in real conversation (more then 3 messages). Those message resulted in me meeting 10% of the girls but 0% of those meeting resulted in a relationship. At least 50% ended in a very good friendship but this stats can change quite easily.

If you look at the old statistic you will see a impressive improvement in most of my statistics. I take it as a good news event if the success rate is still zero. Beside last time I left dating sites I dated a cute 18 years old so maybe it will be a lucky time for me again.
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