Tuesday, September 04, 2007

And a new school year stars

I realized this morning when I got to the university that it was the ninth year in a row that I had to live through the vary annoying initiation week. Any one that has college education or been a member of an organisation strongly oriented toward team spirit has had to go through one of those bounding ritual called initiation.

While I do find the idea interesting I must admit that after nine year of seeing some every year more or less the exact same procession I get a little bored with it. Not to mention that more then one department ask their initiated to basically beg for money to pay for alcohol in this night party. So that means not being able to walk 5 m on the campus without being solicited very annoying. Oh well it's be over soon enough and if I'm lucky I won't be bothered by them too much.

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yofed said...

Well, I can't really remember initiations... I never cared much for them... except for sailors crossing the equator... They recreate Neptune's court (this is quite colourful!), and those to be initiated have to kiss a dead fish (used to be a rotting one, not anymore, from what I hear), go in a kiddie pool full of I don't know what... and my man ha to go through it maybe 2 weeks ago... Now, Imagine a bunch of old fat sailors dressed as neptune, his wife and daughters... yup!

Hopefully that will make your day! lol

Krimpoff said...

Maybe that's a sign that you should leave school! ^.-

anyflower said...

Yea I know what you mean. This year is my... hmmm... let's count...

(few moments later)

Ok so it's my 7th year of university... yea 7! No wonder why yesterday the newbies looked so young! Really, they seemed like 16 years old to me when I saw them yesterday. Luckily for me, I do schoolwork at home so I don't get annoyed by them. I just make sure to laugh in their face!