Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Let us compare

Today a tragedy happened in the United State, for unknown reason a bridge fell into a river in Minneapolis. At moment I'm writing those line only three persons died in this terrible event. I hope no more casualty join them considering the hours when it collapse (18h05) the bridge must have been packed. We do not yet know what might have cause the bridge to collapse but I would invite my readers from Canada (and in particular Quebec) to pay attention to how this is investigate and what happens after. I would love to compare the way this tragedy is studied to the Viaduc de la Concorde, sure, the size is very different but the structure are about the same age and people will probably ask for a lot of answers.


yofed said...

English word for viaduct is overpass

asaathi said...

yes I do know that yofed, the thing is that the Viaduc de la Concorde is now the name of an event and just like I will not call la Revolution Française de French Revolution I prefere to use the french spelling for the name of an event.

yofed said...