Thursday, August 09, 2007

Less we forget Russia

putting more funding in the Those of you who are as young as I am didn't live through much of the cold war and for me at least the threat of Russian bomber or of a large scale war are pretty much nonexistent. The end of the cold war with the fall of the Berlin wall the threat of a war between super power seemed to be gone. The subsequent collapse of the Russian power structure, military power and economic live kept this idea strong. However recent event are starting to make we wonder if we are just not forgetting the existence of a dangerous dragon because it fell asleep. We first saw Poutine increase funding to the army , weapon research and bringing Russia back to it's former places as a nuclear powerhouse now we have Russian restarting flyby by nuclear capable bomber of US forces (and probably NATO forces too). While the article probably rightfully downplay the event as something unimportant it might be a good idea to keep watch on Russia, it might not be the super power it once was but it's still a power we have to consider in the world. My opinion right now is that more and more power block are emerging and that the balance of power between them is unstable. Not to mention that the old power block are not yet gone and want to protect their existence. If alliance start to happen we might start to worry about a new great war.

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yofed said...

I feel relieved that I'm not the only one who feels concerned about them... they worry me more than muslim terrorists, quite frankly... Russia and China, I mean