Thursday, August 09, 2007

Creation myths

If being thinking about doing a new post for a while but couldn't really get an idea about what to post about. I suddently got an idea when I was pointed to a test to see if I was a stupid skeptic or an intelligent one (which apparently revolve around my agreement or not with the bible). I want to talk about creation myths. More precicely how the current theory for the creation of the universe is in a way a creation myth.

In a creation myth we the human civilisation tries to explain how the world/universe was created and in some case why. It usually involve processes that are unknown to us or event unknowable, and it tries to explain how everything comes from that single event (or series of event). Now the current theory of the creation of the universe (I should say theories as they are now theories about how the Big Bang came to be) the Big Bang fits with those two criterium. We think that the primordiale explosion of something created space time and resulted in the slow cooling of matter and radiation resulted in the self colapse of matter into the structer we now see. Now if we look into more details for the theory most of the process after the first few hundred years after the Big Bang are well understood (some still elude us tho) but before that more and more unknown arise and the closer we get to the Big Bang the less we understand.

Still event if the process are unknown they are not unknowable and the Big Bang is not the reality it is a model that we try to make fit with the reality. The Big Bang is the model that best fits with reality as we know it. It predict many thing that nothing else as predicted before and it explain some of the strangest proprieties of space and time. However like many scientific theory we might one day find some feature that make the Big Bang Theory impossible and well science will moves to another creation myth.


yofed said...

I love that explanation, very well said.

Krimpoff said...

Well, at least, this theory has some backup to be credible.

The Christian theory of world creation comes from a book (or multiple books) that have been translated over and over. The Old Testament may be nothing more than a very old (maybe the first) novel.

I prefer a mysticism that comes from science than a mysticism that comes from nobody knows where.

asaathi said...

Well to be completly honest their is very few actual factual evidence for the Big Bang (it having happened 13.7 Gyrs ago) what we have is phenomenum that are predicted/explained by this theory. What it falls back on is only that it give the closes answer to the observed unvierse we have at the moment.

You can see it as we know that the answer is 8, and the Big Bang theory gives us 8 as an answer. However reality might be that we are in a 4+4 universe while the Big Bang is actually a 3+5 universe. The problem is that it is a lot harder to know how reality was made (the 4+4 part) than to know what the universe looks like (8 in this case).

One last thing, just because it might be "false" doesn't mean it should be dismissed, this theory fits with most of what we observe in the universe and a theory that would replace it and be right will have to predict and explain the same thing. In all probability it will be a modification of the Big Bang instead of a comnpletly rejection. i.e we won't go from the Big Bang to Genesis.

anyflower said...

AAAAAAARGH! What is it about the number eight? I don't get it... have heard that thing before but don't even know where to get explanation for it. You have any references, Asaathi?

asaathi said...

Well 8 is the number I picked at random because it was easy to show two equations that would give this result, be close together and express the point that models might give the right answer and still be wrong.