Sunday, July 22, 2007

Right, left, up, down, front or back

Well I've been reading for the past few months a few political blog of people on different side of the political spectrum. And I've come to a conclusion, the political spectrum is crap. All it does is polarize debate and stop idea that are not on the popular side of the spectrum at the moment. I really don't understand how we continu to refuse ideas based on a perception of where it stand on an abstract, ill defined and very subjective spectrum. I've read blogs that simply make fun of the other side (whatever it might be), blog that try to promote their side and blog that complain that the world is not on their side enought. But frankly it only achieve to waste a lot of energy, and to discart a lot of good idea because they do not fit a minority idea of what should be. I'm starting to belive that the only way our social system can progress is to drop the whole idea of left and right and simply work with ideas, would this be a good idea for the good of the society and it's people or wouldn't it.


Krimpoff said...

Well, people should start worrying about politics first. Most of them just don't care.

Otherwise, you do have a point, the definition of left and right as a political tool is kinda old school and should be revamped, or better, totally ignored.

Everything is not black or white, some "left" parties can be economically wise, and some "right" parties can be socially wise.

anyflower said...

I think it's all due to the often bad habit of humans to categorize everything in means to understand. Thinking outside the box is indeed overdue in politics!