Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Now, who said astronomy wasn't cool

Ok everybody agrees that rock n' roll is pretty cool, not everyone agree that astrophysics is cool but now I think we have the irrefutable proof that it is in fact. Apparently a rock star will be finishing is phd in Astrophysics (after a small wait of 30 years!). Yep, guitarist Brian May is a former phd student in astrophysics and not only that he will be getting data from the Canaries Island. Well he will not be using the WHT like I was he will apparently be using the slightly smaller Galileo telescope (a 3.6 m telescope) and he isn't studying something that I know about (Zodiacal dust cloud). So if astrophysics is good enough for a one of Queen's member it must be pretty cool no? Ok you might say it is not but try to name another science which ever had a true rock star phd (not an honorary one).

Rock On Astrophysics!


yofed said...

Astrophysics is cool, just out of reach of many people's minds. ;)

But that is really cool :) Thanks for sharing!

anyflower said...

Oh neat! I knew he had studiied in the field (my ex had studiied physics and was a great fan of May). Even greater to know he's actually finishing his degree! Great publicity for your field!