Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Intriguing web site...

Hmm while visiting some web site I saw and add on the left side for "pretty, horny and single girl in Donnacona". Well since I know someone that lives there and that has seen pretty much everyone in the small town (Donnacona host 5500 souls). So I looked at the picture and the web site from the add and I must say that Donnacona didn't look like that when I went there... and even if I could belive they where some girl like that in Donnacona, I couldn't belive that on a population of almost 6000 their could be over an hundred sexy, horny, single girl between 20 and 29 years old. I wonder how much reseach they do before putting their "planted" profiles to attract men or woman here. I could belive a number like that for Quebec or another of the provinces not too small town (anything over 10 000 soul basically). But for Donnacona? come on!

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